Of all the gauges to pay attention to on your dash, the one that reads temperature is possibly one of the most important to keep an eye on. An overheating engine can be a real problem, but fortunately, at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc, our Ford service experts will work tirelessly to not only solve engine overheat but to prevent it altogether.

You may have already noticed, but engines run hot, really hot. On average engines can clock in at anywhere between 195 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. While this can seem a bit overwhelming, it is the optimal temperature for any healthy functioning engine. That said, there comes a point where the engine’s cooling systems can no longer contain the intense heat of your engine and can result in overheating.

The cooling system of a car is made up of a series of components that all work together to keep your engine at its optimal temperature. Parts like your radiator, air filters, and coolant all play a huge role in your relatively temperate engine performance. Although, when these components are broken or damaged your cooling system as a whole can no longer contain your engine’s rising temperatures.

Fortunately, you can avoid an overheating engine by staying top of your regular automotive maintenance. From swapping out air filters to changing your coolant, our technicians can do wonders to not only protect your engine from overheating but receive the best performance possible behind the wheel.

Our service and sales team at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc have earned a reputation throughout the Hartford area for providing comprehensive automotive services to each of our customers. Whether you’re hoping to check out our fleet of new Ford models, or would like to learn more about engine overheat, we’ve got all of your bases covered at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc.