There are many Ford dealerships who promise customer service excellence. At Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc, we guarantee it. Our team of auto dealers is dedicated to treating each of our customers more like family, rather than a point of sale. As a result, we’re excited to share with you how finding the right engine can dramatically affect your car’s overall performance.

Your engine is essentially the core of your vehicle. Responsible for transferring power to your wheels and utilizing fuel, the engine can determine everything from the towing capacity of your vehicle to the amount of MPGs you’ll experience on the road.

So, what kind of powertrain types are there? While every engine is different, they tend to fit into one of three categories: four-cylinder, V6, and V8. Each of corresponds with the number of cylinders they’re equipped with. Typically, the more cylinders you have at your disposal, the more horsepower and torque your engine is expected to provide. In the same vein, the more cylinders you have at your disposal, the lower your fuel economy may be.

What kind of engine type is best? In truth, there is no superior option. Sure, a four-cylinder engine may sip gasoline, but a V8 is bound to offer up some serious power. So, in the end, it all comes down to preference and what you expect for your vehicle to be able to do. Do you want a car to tow your trailer, or are you looking for a commuter vehicle? Your engine type helps determine the difference.

Here at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc, we can help you find the Ford vehicle and engine that best matches your lifestyle. We believe that there is a Ford out there for everyone, whether it be the Ford F-150 or Ford Explorer.