Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc isn’t your typical Ford dealership. Sure, we offer a wide variety of used and new Ford models, but we also provide our customers with the expert guidance and advice that can help keep your car running smoothly for many years to come.

Of all the seasons to be conscious of car maintenance, summer is possibly the most crucial. Heat is your engine’s worst enemy, as your engine already runs at a pretty hot temperature. While your engine’s temperature is typically regulated by your radiator, even this advanced cooling system can be put under strain. So, the first thing you should do is have your radiator and coolant levels checked by a professional.

Of course, it’s helpful to have working AC as well. The last thing you’ll want is to find yourself halfway through summer with a busted AC. We recommend that drivers have their entire air conditioning unit checked to ensure all components are in place and operating as they should be.

Part of keeping your engine cool means access to clean air; this is where air filters come in. Unfortunately, a clogged air filter can hinder the amount of air getting to your engine, leading to greater heat build-up. We recommend drivers getting their air filters inspected and/or swapped by a professional.

Visit our Ford service center to have your vehicle inspected from hood to trunk to ensure exceptional, safe, and optimal driving dynamics. At Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc, we strive every day to make your driving experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.