Sometimes it feels like winters in and around Hartford, WI are never going to end. The snow and frigid temperatures continue well into March (and sometimes April!) in this part of the country, and all that ice and snow and road salt and subzero weather can take quite a toll on your Ford automobile.

Hopefully, you did a good job getting your vehicle into our Ford Service center to winterize it before the worst of the winter weather hit. Even if you didn’t, the time has come to gear up for spring. The ice and snow we experienced can wear down certain aspects of your car, and March is the perfect time to clean up those issues.

For starters, ice and cold temperatures can completely destroy your windshield wipers. By the end of winter, they may not be doing their job at all, so consider having them replaced. At the same time, it would be wise to also top off your wiper fluid, which probably is getting low.

Furthermore, your tires will need a little TLC, in large part because below-zero weather can suck the air right out of them. If you haven’t filled them up lately, spring is the time to do that.

Finally, we recommend getting a car wash since all that grime, dirt, and salt can corrode the exterior of your vehicle, even going so far as to cause rust if left alone for too long. Your floor mats probably could use a good cleaning, too, so apply the concept of “spring cleaning” to the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Whether you drive a Ford Escape or a Ford Mustang, the winter likely did a number on your vehicle. Spring service here at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc is a great way to combat that damage and get you ready to roll in warmer weather.