The earliest vehicles were not quiet. In fact, the earliest vehicles didn’t even have windows, which meant their rudimentary engines groaned and rumbled out into the open air. There was no radio in the Model T, either, in part because there wouldn’t have been any point to it. No driver or passenger could have heard the music over the engine, anyway.

Cars today are much different, evidenced in part by the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer, which remains the best-selling SUV in America still to this day. This time around, engineers took advantage of modern technology to make the SUV’s cabin the quietest ever. Thanks to developments like a semi-anechoic chamber with powered rollers to simulate road noise, and materials that shrink or expand with the weather to avoid squeaks and rattles, the Ford Explorer truly is about as quiet as a vehicle interior can comfortably be.

“We have spent a lot of time learning about what our Ford Explorer customers want and love in their SUV, and near the top of the list is a comfortable vehicle they can enjoy with their loved ones,” said Craig Patterson, Ford SUV marketing manager. “Whether it’s taking the family up north for the weekend or taking a date to the movies on Saturday night, a quieter interior allows them to better connect with those who are along for the journey.”

While all of the new and used Ford vehicles available here at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc come with comfortable, reasonably quiet cabins, we enjoy the technological advancements that make this Ford SUV a serene atmosphere from the outside world. We can’t wait to welcome the 2020 Ford Explorer soon at our nearby Hartford, WI Ford dealership. Contact us today to learn more!