When it comes to buying a new (or new-to-you) Ford vehicle, the most enjoyable part of the process is undoubtedly the test drive. After reading about your dream vehicle and seeing it on commercials and researching prices and trims to determine what may fit into your budget, actually getting to drive the vehicle is quite the rush.

Of course, the test drive exists for more than just entertainment value. The test drive is for customers in Oconomowoc, WI to learn about the specific model they’re considering, so it’s important to make the most of the experience. Here’s how we suggest doing that at Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc:

  1. Come with your driver’s license. It is required to take a vehicle out for a spin.
  2. Try out a few different types of roads. Everybody takes their test drive through the city because that’s where the dealership is, but you also should try it out on the interstate to see how it accelerates and how it feels at higher speeds. If you can find an area with some curves and/or hills, that’s a good idea, too.
  3. Give the vehicle a thorough visual inspection, especially if it’s a used model. Even with new Ford models, though, it’s nice to make sure everything looks the way you expect it to.
  4. Consider taking the vehicle home and parking it in your garage. Ford pickups can be especially long sometimes, so make sure it fits in your garage before committing to buy it!

As your Waukesha Ford dealer, we just want our customers to have the best buying experience possible. Making the most of your test drive experience is a great way to make sure that happens!