CNN calls the Ford F-150 “the most important vehicle in America.” That’s why a recent fire at one of the company’s suppliers caused shockwaves far beyond the factory — especially when it was announced that production at Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn, MI and Kansas City, MO facilities was grinding to a halt. 

Let’s drill down to specifics, and while we’re at it figure out how an event at one supplier has managed to disrupt things so thoroughly.

The explosion in question took place at a Meridian Magnesium Products facility that supplies roughly half the radiator supports for the Ford F-150 and the Ford Super Duty series of trucks. In short, this isn’t a component that can simply be substituted with something else while the supplier gets back online.

This would be disruptive for any company, but the impact is especially hard in this case, since the Ford F-150 has long been America’s best-selling vehicle. Needless to say, this led to an all-hands-on-deck response by the company. Nearly every major stakeholder, including the UAW, suppliers, Ford dealerships, and of course the Ford Motor Company itself  worked ‘round the clock to get production restarted and to prevent or mitigate any disruptions.

We’re happy to announce that production is set to resume on May 18th at the Dearborn plant and on May 21st at the Kansas City plant. 

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