Your car’s a lot like your body. Feed it right and it’ll run better, longer. Feed it junk and it’ll end up sluggish. Knowing when to fill up, how much, and what kind of gas will keep your new Ford model running great and even save you money in the long run. Here are some gasoline tips from Van Horn Ford of Oconomowoc. 

Keep Your Tank Full

Running on fumes is a lousy idea. You chance running out of gas, plus a low tank can burn out your fuel pump. A fuller tank means cleaner injectors, and it also means a lower chance of condensation when it’s cold out.

That said, don’t bother topping off. Because gas pumps have technology that recaptures fuel and fuel vapor, the pump will actually siphon gas back to the pump once the tank’s filled past a certain point. Filling up is expensive enough without paying the gas station to take their gas back.

Gasoline Tiers Explained

What goes in your tank is just as important as how full you keep it. You can save a little with Tier 2 gasoline because it has fewer additives and detergents, but you may also end up with poor performance and fuel economy. Tier one (or  TOP TIER™) gas contains more additives. It’s a bit more expensive short-term, but that pays off with fewer trips to the gas station, and better engine life.

What’s Octane?

High-compression engines found in many cars need higher-octane gas. Octane is a rating that measures how well a gasoline performs under compression, and if you’re using the wrong gas, you’re likely to hear an engine knock. Your owner’s manual will let you know which octane to use.

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