For some Ford truck owners, the odometer’s practically a point of pride. You’ve invested a lot in your truck, and especially if you’re using it for work, getting your money’s worth is no small consideration. We’ve seen trucks in the Van Horn Ford service bays that have gone hundreds of thousands of miles. With maintenance and some TLC, your Ford diesel truck could be one of them. 

Use It Or Lose It

TruckTrend notes that idling or stop-and-start driving causes extreme strain in your diesel engines. If the truck’s spending more time on a driveway or in a garage than on the road or if your drive involves frequent stops (especially true of delivery and field service trucks), give it a highway tune-up. Find a stretch of highway and just drive. It’ll help condition your engine.

Maintain on Schedule

Engine maintenance doesn’t come cheap, and that goes double for diesels. But even maintenance is cheaper than repairs incurred by neglect. Spend the time and money now to spend less of it later, and spend more time enjoying the torque and fuel economy that were the reason you bought a diesel truck in the first place.

Watch Your Weight

Overloading your truck — going over its GCWR or GVWR — strains your engine, frame, and chassis even if you manage not to get caught at a weigh station. Make sure you’ve got the right truck for the job, one that’s classed for anything you’ll haul or tow. Proper loading is also essential to prevent undue or improper wear to your tires, suspension, and brakes.

Don’t Be Cheap

Cheap parts aren’t a bargain in the long haul. The savings vanish when the parts wear out prematurely or contribute to high repair bills later. Opt for OEM Ford parts to protect your investment.

The kind of mileage you get out of a Ford diesel truck — and how enjoyable the ride is along the way — depends in part on you. Get more tips, and schedule regular Ford truck maintenance, at Van Horn Ford. Visit us at 1000 E Summit Ave in Oconomowoc, WI.